Witch Hiker

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Monsters of Godville
Witch Hiker
Class humanoid
Habitat On the roads.
Description Unknown

The first Witch Hiker was originally a normal, average, day-to-day hitch hiker named Slaon'da Armidillo-Jarque-Darxly-Lueriop-Notazebrewcadfeght.


One day, Slaon'da got a wagon to stop for her. What the Slaon'da didn't know, however, was that the driver of the wagon was a witch's ghost trapped in the body of a weak trader that had no idea how to actually cheat people.

The witch's ghost realized that Slaon'da would serve it better than the trader, and tried to take over the hitch hiker. But Slaon'da had a strong soul, and the witch never fully took it over.

The witch did, however, take her over for a few minutes, which was long enough to teach Slaon'da all the spells that the witch knew and completely corrupt Slaon'da.

Slaon'da had an immediate desire to destroy every living thing, but then the ghost finally left the body of Slaon'da and disintegrated as Slaon'da gave it its signature death stare.

Then, Slaon'da decided to change her name to the Witch Hiker, as a nod to her previous life and the witch's ghost that led her to this new one. Thus, the Witch Hiker was made.