Winking Dead

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Monsters of Godville
Winking Dead
Homo necrosis adulor
Class Undead
Habitat Goth singles bars
Description Flirtatious specter of horror from beyond the grave

The Winking Dead is a flirtatious specter of horror from beyond the grave.

One day this poor lovelorn guy was crying on the tomb of his fiancee as he did often after her demise. Just as he finally stopped and decided it was time to get over it and find true love somewhere else, he was grabbed by his legs and bitten by his, now zombie, fiancee. Since his last thought was to find love, he turned into a very peculiar undead that approaches his victims with romantic intentions, but is doomed to always fall into his flesh eating urges, making his search for love never-ending.



  • Doubles the horror with his flirtatious approach.
  • He is dead sexy and he knows it.
  • Getting rejected makes him go berserk.


  • Flattery distracts him pretty easily.
  • Will stop pursuing his victim to fight if a zombie is nearby (he doesn't like the competition).