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Skills of Godville
Winged swing
Winged swing.jpg
Type 🏇Transport
Description Get there faster!

Winged swing is a tranportation skill shrouded in mystery. It involves flapping one's arms as hard as possible to move quickly past milestones. Some heroes also believe that Icarus wings can help the effectiveness of the winged swing skill. Heroes who learn this skill are provided with an excellent instruction manual demonstrating how to use, improve, and develop the skill. Unfortunately, the entire manual is written in Russian -- so nobody knows how the skill actually works.

It has been said that the skill was first developed as a Russian song under the name Krylatye Kacheli (roughly translated as "Winged Swing") by Yevgeni Krylatov and Yuri Entin. The song was featured in the movie The Adventures of Electronic and over the years became a film widely loved by children. It is also said that most Russian children can sing Krylatye Kacheli by heart. Exactly how this became a skill became a Russian thing and beloved song is something English-speaking heroes will never understand.