Wild Balloon Animal

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Monsters of Godville
Wild Balloon Animal
Silvestre balloon animalis
Class Inflatable
Habitat City Streets and parks
Description Gigantic, aggressive

The Wild Balloon Animal (Silvestre balloon animalis) is a monster that towers over city streets causing utter mayhem and panic everywhere it goes.

This marauding beast can be hard to stop because it is so large and determined to evade capture. The average Wild Balloon Animal is comparable in size to a skyscraper. It is the torment of city dwellers because streets lined with tall buildings are the perfect nesting sites for the beast. Once it has chosen a location for its nest, it will commence to sanitizing the area of all human life. This is because humans have for some time been trapping and enslaving Wild Balloon Animals. If one is captured alive, its fate is sealed. The human population will bind it with ropes and parade it up and down the streets like some gruesome trophy until it is deflated and finally, dead.



  • Buoyant
  • Crowd pleaser
  • Incredible sense of smell


  • Full of hot air
  • Easily led
  • Fatalistic
This Wild Balloon Animal caused quite a few problems in Beerburgh, savagely murdering 23 (including several standing on this balcony) before being taken down by a brave hero that was passing through the town's taverns.