Warriors Of The Dragon

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Warriors Of The Dragon
Alignment: humane
Pantheon of unity Rank: 461
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 197
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 447
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 252
Guild Page: Warriors Of The Dragon 
Data current as of 6 June 2018

Welcome to Warriors of the Dragon!

As a small but mighty guild, we heroes look out for each other whilst serving our gods and fighting for (and sometimes against) dragons! Why, you may ask? Because dragons.

Our mission? Save the dragon, kill the princess! (Just kidding. Maybe.)

But never fear, all different kinds of dragon-loving-folk are welcome here, no matter your identity, race, age, etc.

Another side note to all you smarticle particle people that dream about taking over the world- okay, the country- fine, your house (what, our funds are low)- our merry, Kumbaya guild has a very open position for leadership, as no one is very determined to go for the role and take charge.

However, if you, dear reader, do not like dragons, this guild is not for you. But for those brave enough to venture scales, fire, poison, princesses in towers and the dragons that eat them, (and sometimes great heights.) then come join today!

How to Join Our Guild

  • To join a guild, your hero(ine) must be at or above level 12.
  • Wait until your hero(ine) is NOT in a town, dueling, in a dungeon, fighting a boss monster, sailing, fighting a monster, healing, or trading.
  • Do NOT cancel your hero(ine)'s current quest.
  • Send this voice command to your hero(ine): Join "Warriors Of The Dragon" guild. This may take several attempts to get your hero(ine) to listen- don't give up hope! They'll listen eventually.
  • If you are eager to join the guild, you can always send the voice command to your hero(ine): "Complete quest faster", or you can miracle spam for a chance to complete 25% of the quest.

How to Stay In Our Guild

  • If your hero(ine) tries to leave by obtaining another guild quest, send this voice command: Cancel quest. You can do this EXCEPT during a duel, a dungeon, a boss fight or a sail.
  • If you forget about your hero(ine) for 28 days or more, s(he) will leave the guild automatically. You will receive an e-mail to your recovery email address after 3 weeks of neglect.

for more information on guilds, visit this page: guilds.