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The Wanted section from the Godville Times #638, Day 875 g.e. (October 2, 2012).

Wanted is a section in the Godville Times. Every day, two different strong monsters are selected to appear in the 'Wanted' section of the Godville Times.

If a hero defeats one of these strong ("wanted") monsters, the hero will receive a "proof of death of wanted monster" artifact. Such proof is redeemable in a town for a golden brick, 1000-3000 gold coins, or new equipment. Creatures and logs can also be gained.[1]

Following the introduction of the book of creation, glyphs can also now be rewarded. The reward is also applied before any temple bonus on return to Godville (including teleportation for sail and the arena) , so a cash reward could result in an unwanted XP sacrifice.[2][3]

!Hero's Diary
02:08 Finally my Lady allowed me to swim past the life buoys! I only need to find a swimming cap and some company.

!Hero's Diary
02:08 Was rewarded with a fenimal for killing a wanted monster. Satan Claus, rest in peace.

PLEASE NOTE: heroes who are slain in the pursuit of these limited bounties are required to sign a waiver before engaging in the actual hunt that totally removes the liability from potential damage or loss of items, harm, injury and/or death that may result from this venture. This is a legal document which will be added to the hero's case file, however; a new one is required each time any hero is inclined to pursue a wanted monster. Heroes need to be aware that there are no lawyers in Godville which will assist them in filing any case to sue the creator of Godville, city of Godville, guards of Godville, or anyone associated with the Godville Godwiki. Heroes are reminded that any attempt to file a lawsuit related to wanted activities will be laughed out of city hall and shamed for at least the next five visits to town by shopkeepers or other heroes who actually took the time to read the disclaimer before signing it.

The wanted monsters feature and newspaper section were introduced in March, 2012.[4]