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this page shows the characters appears in Victorique Vang Chronicles and the gods behind the characters



Has beautiful blue eyes like the ocean, long sapphire hair. Heir of the 20th Victori Family - Vang. the Vang word has the same pronunciation with French's 20 - vingt. The main heroine of the chronicle.

Under the supervision of God Arthuri Victori

Velvet Rose•Valentine•Rosie Garden

Velvet rose.jpg

Has long silky red hair, favorite color of red. The ninth chair towards the heir of Rosie Garden.

Under the supervision of God Rosie Garden alt of Arthuri Victori

Alice • Wonderland


Has beautiful long golden hair. The only child of the Wonderland.

Luana Demise dé Calvez


Has long silky hair. Caught a fight with Victorique at a party. Her profile is still a mystery.

Under the supervision of God2000

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