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Equipment of Godville
Vorpal sword
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +130
Description Unknown

The Vorpal Sword is a blade of great size, density and sharpness being forged from the metal Vorpium.

It first fell into the hands of the hero known only as Alice. She used it to slay many monsters including the infamous, legendary, and now extinct, Jabberwocky, the king of monsters back in the day.The fact that she was just a girl at the time is evidence of the sword's immense power.

Since its first appearance in Godville, having been brought over from Wonderland by Alice herself (no doubt looking for more monsters to slay), there have been copies and variations of The Vorpal Sword.

However, they are of lesser strength than the original, as, while Godville has a surplus of Vorpium, it is also of lower quality than elsewhere. Though, it is said, it is the virtue or malice (as well as other attributes) within the heart of the wielder that determines the potential reached by each individual sword.

If that were not the case, a small girl such as Alice wouldn't have been able to lift it from the start, let alone slay countless monsters with it.