Vial of unjustified optimism

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Artifacts of Godville
Vial of unjustified optimism
Type 💎Bold
Description Bottled for your convenience!

As the name Vial of unjustified optimism suggest, this little container of liquid is filled with senseless, joyfull reassurance.

When your hero first discovers it, your hero may initially wonder if this item will be a problem. However; once they add it to their pack your hero will for some unnkonwn reason quickly begin to feel that everything would certainly be alright. Maybe even more than alright. No, things will definately be great, no doubt about it. Why? Ummmm... Why not? Who cares? Certainly not the holder of this artifact!

Heroes who carry this for too long will become overconfident about their abilities and may jump into action without thinking first, having a definite sense of being able to win against impossible odds. Heroes who actually open it to smell or sniff it will go against the strongest boss-monsters and not flinch in fear. Heroes who ingest it will need immediate medical attention due to its potency, and guild physicians will need to administer a medical-grade charcoal to counteract the lingering side-effects. Pets are immune to its effects as it is rumored to be a placebo to anyone who cannot read the label.