Vector Field

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Geography of Godville
Vector Field
The vector field plotted on a graph.
Description Unknown

The Vector Field is one of the strangest places in all of Godville. Despite the name, there are no actual plants here, let alone grass. The ground itself is green and so heroes nearing the place mistook it for a field and decided to divert their route to a more interesting place.

!Hero's Diary
19:21 Rested at Vector Field. Now I sense the right direction.

Those heroes who have explored this mystical region know the truth. This barren wasteland glows an emerald green and in the morning, strange vapours can be seen rising from it. Investigations have revealed that this is due to a cavern hundreds of metres below the field, stockpiled excessively with what appears to be nuclear waste. This is thought to be an ancient remnant of a long gone civilisation which may have destroyed itself using nuclear weapons.

The ground itself is rich with magnetite and iron. If one tries to use a compass in this place, they will always find that wherever they stand, the compass will always point in one direction, but not north. The whole region seems to have a massive vector field polarised just slightly to the left of the direction of Godville. Scientists studying the area have thus painted the vector field on the ground to make their studies easier. The direction of the vector field is considered to point directly towards Godville but only be deviated due to some type of geomagnetic disturbance beneath the crust, located underneath the Wastelands of Insomnia. Scientists are too scared to go there and find out though.

The region has, oddly, been seen very near Godville and also on the road to Los Demonos, and once, although the hero was very drunk, on the 97th milestone. Weird.

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