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Monsters of Godville
Praedonum lamia
Description Unknown

Pirates who once conquered the seven seas were reduced to Vampirates (Praedonum lamia) after trying to steal from a ship full of vampires. Now these monsters wander around the earth trying to kill heroes and use there blood to maybe once be normal pirates again.

There Was A Legend Called The Dark Where A Slave Vampirate Saw His Owner Die (Vampirate Slaving Is Good Because Vampire Love To Be Trapped) So Since Then The Vampirate Searched For His Owners Killer Since Then There Have Been Over 2000+ Cases Of Something Tall Wielding A Sword And "Liquid" Over Its Mouth In Simpletown (Only Where Those Cases Were Seen) So The Locals Called This Story "The Dark"

WATCH OUT: Unlike normal vampires, Vampirates can go out of daylight, you can't kill them any way you could kill a vampire. So when you see a Vampirate you better turn around and run away! Heroes and heroines bitten by Vampirates do not become vampires, though they do often get sudden cravings for raw steak.

NOTE: Rumors speculate that there are moderately friendly vampirates whom do not kill when they feed as well as speculations of a ship called Merely Midnight.

PS: This is a reference to the vampirates book. Might be true information.

 Pirates and Sailors
Avast collection of me hearties
Admiralty Drowned Captain
Officers Captain Emo • Captain Oblivious • Crunchy Captain • Gunboat Diplomat
Able Hands Auto Pirate • Grammar Pirate • Keg-Legged Pirate • Music Pirate • Navi-Gator • Ninja Pirate • Pirate of the 7 Cs • Vampirate