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Beasties of Godville
Pygocentrus Vampirus
Class Piranha
Habitat Rivers, Swamps, Sunken Ships, Underwater Ruins
Description Bloodsucking Aquatic Predator
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 4: 40-49 HP

The Vampiranha (Pygocentrus Vampirus) is a small carnivorous beastie that can drink the blood of its victims and prey. They tend to swim in groups and are relatively docile yet extremely deadly, but one that is alone is extremely hostile yet nowhere near as deadly. The way to identify one is that they have two sharp fangs that are visible, even when their mouth is shut.

General Information

Be careful when you swim at night, because the Vampiranhas hunt at night and are more aggressive. But, they'll only attack if you get too close in this state. However, if it a full moon, for whatever reason, they will kill everything they see. Which means, don't go swimming especially during a full moon. Heroes who dare challenge these beasties only succeed when they fight only one Vampiranha, which are typically one who, for some reason, were cast out of their school. When a hero/heroine decides to challenge an entire school of them, the god/goddess watching from above should prepare to resurrect them, for it is a guaranteed 0% chance that the hero will make it out alive.

Vampiranhas are also known to drink the blood of their prey(as for a hero/heroine, victims), hide in underwater crevasses and sunken ships during the day, and swim away from anything approaching with garlic.



  • Pack Hunters
  • Sharp teeth
  • Very fast


  • Easily defeated if alone
  • Daylight
  • Garlic
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