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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Valvrave” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 25733 c.u.
Date Founded: March 2015
Membership Count: 1
Town with Greatest Influence: None (0%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 443
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 211
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 488
Guild Page: Valvrave 
Data current as of December 15 2016

Welcome To Valvrave

Welcome to the Valvrave Guild. We are just a bunch of drunk heroes trying to please our respective gods and goddesses. While we may be a small guild compared to some, we make up for it with an assortment of characters who respect one another and truly enjoy the game. There is no discrimination here and anyone is free to join. (Mostly because we don't have the power to invite or kick out.) Good or Evil. However, we do ask that you be friendly and respect your fellow guild mates. We also ask that you take care in the language used in the guild council. Keep in mind that there are minors who play this game. Granted, you are your own person and you're going to do what you will, just try to keep it PG. Take pride in your guild, and honor the past in which this guild is built upon. Above all, have fun with it. Happy questing!


While it has been quite some time since Valvrave was at a bustling guild, it is still here.

Happy questing!

Join ValvraveToday!

Whether you're visiting this page looking for your first guild to join, or already in a guild but want to join a new one, we have a place for you. All we ask is that you follow the guidelines that can be found in the section above. If you feel Valvrave is the place for you, simply give a command to your hero using your god voice. Say, Join "Valvrave" guild! This works best while your hero is out of town, not resting and not currently fighting any monsters. It may take a couple times for the message to sink through to your hero. Do not cancel your current quest first! Your hero will continue that quest once he has completed the quest to join Valvrave.

Guild Benefits

Yes, there are benefits to joining a guild! As a member of this guild you will enjoy, (albeit, not always)

  • Free/reduced healing from private guild doctors if available
  • Random free gifts from guild establishments or guild mates
  • A bunch of random strangers who enjoy the ZPG as much as you do. Admit it, you're addicted.

Please note, encouraging or punishing your heroes while they are in town will help to increase our influence in towns, thus increasing our benefits

The Beginning

Eons ago, ancient gods and goddesses entertained themselves by competing with each other as to who could create the most vicious warrior. Their warriors would then battle each other in a tournament that only occurred every thousand years. This tournament was known as, The Arena of the Gods.

Dissatisfied with his warriors, the great god, Sandakan, endeavored to create a warrior with all the carnal instinct one might posses, yet this warrior would not be limited by emotions and fears as were the others, for this warrior had not a heart nor soul. A demi-god. A fearsome fighter in the arena, he had defeated and killed hundreds of other warriors, purely for the amusement of his god. Growing jealous of the demi-god warrior always defeating their warriors, the other gods' sought to destroy him by creating their own demi-god warriors.

At last, the heartless warrior met his match. He suffered a humiliating defeat. Furious and ashamed, Sandakan, decided to cast his warrior into exile. He wandered the lands, lost for centuries, growing weaker with each passing year. One day, when it seemed to the warrior that this would be his fate forever, he was found by a goblin steampunk scientist. The goblin scientist developed a fascination with his heartless biological system. Taking the warrior into his care, the goblin scientist set about making a mechanical heart that would convey all the true emotions of human nature. EAT MY CORN

After many attempts and some years later, he finally succeeded. Finally, the demi-god warrior could feel all the emotions that come with being human. It is said that the only emotion he ever truly felt, was vengeance, and he wanted revenge on all the gods and goddesses, especially his creator, Sandakan. He knew that even with his abilities and knowledge of the gods, he would not be able to defeat them all on his own. He recruited the other demi-god warriors, and together they formed the guild, Valvrave, with him as Guild Master. Their mission was simple, destroy all the gods and goddesses with technological mastery, something even the gods did not dare use.

A great war ensued between the warriors and their gods. The battle was long fought and the carnage was indescribable. In the aftermath, the guild master was thought to be dead or missing and so the Valvrave Guild was disbanded and a truce was called with the gods and goddesses.

Valvrave of Today

Many centuries later, a hero by the name of Mikahail, under the instruction of his god, GodSanboku   revitalized the Valvrave Guild.

Built upon the remnants of the past, with a hope for a better future, the Valvrave of today remain at peace with the gods and goddesses. With all walks of heroes welcomed, both good and evil, there could one day be an uprising again, with a war that makes the first seem like playing with puppies.

Although, prophecy states that the ancient demigod guild master, with the mechanical heart valve, will return to lead the guild, and to perhaps finish what he started.


(by rank)


GodThane the Exalted   GodCable-one  


GodThe Retro Boss  


GodBrinaas   GodPervy Otaku   GodSpencer-76   GodDroop Loop Stroop   GodThane the Exalted   GodTempariel   GodStiiven   GodEXODUZz   GodLeelanau  

Grand Masters

GodNoAhpples   GodKarl 1O1   GodR10N   GodCable-one   GodNeofryboy   GodHikari Hoshino   GodSchaetzchen  


GodAlwarkab   GodThe Slaw   GodKoudelka   GodDottMaster  GodSteppinstones 

Chief Masters

GodAlmighty Blago   GodSummer Syn   GodFlowerpicker   GodHarkrage   GodCarabence   GodThe Retro Boss   GodDavaena   GodMeloa Deval Alivi   GodMother Loki