Usual Suspects

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Usual Suspects
Motto: Success is the only option!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: 26,578 c.u.
Date Founded: September 2011
Membership Count: 40
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 16
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 69
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 678
Forum Headquarters: Usual Suspects
Guild Page: Usual Suspects 
Data current as of October 29, 2019

  • Usual Suspects was created in September 2011 by T-Vell and currently holds the alignment of humane. We are more than a guild - we are a family. We watch the backs of our members and enjoy helping each other. We have fun and kill monsters in the name of our respective Gods.
  • Because we accept only the heroes with the most potential our motto is more than a catch phrase. Our motto is simple and has become a way of life for our members. Success is the only option!
  • We are looking for heroes that want to kill monsters and build temples while building strong alliances with other heroes of a similar mind set. These alliances are lifelong and anyone disrespecting one member has made the stupid choice of disrespecting a guild that is not to be taken lightly. We work hard and we play even harder!
  • The hero has a tendency to drink and in his drunken stupor may begin a quest to join another guild. You must command your hero to cancel the quest with the following: abandon quest
    • Upon obtaining Cardinal rank in the family, the hero will cease his futile attempts to leave (except, of course, if it has been over 28 days since you checked on your hero at which point he or she may choose to leave only to roam around without a guild for awhile).


This introduction will be short and sweet. Our guild started with 3 powerful heroes who always managed to run into each other on the battlefield while slaying monsters. After slaying everything that moves, the heroes would find the nearest pub to celebrate their victory together. The celebration would always be as big as the battle they were celebrating, of course!


Our founding members are a different breed of hero. Excelling in all of the various forms of fighting, these young heroes laugh in the face of danger. Slaying monsters come as easy as breathing to them. When they are on the same battlefield, the fights become a game of who can kill the most. Growing up together, it was not uncommon to see them together. Whether it be on the battlefield or in the pub, these heroes are tops in their class.

The heroes become close friends through many years of fighting alongside each other. Their feats on the battlefield spread through Godville like wildfire. Fantastic tales of lightning bolts hailing from the sky, the earth opening up to swallow their enemies, and of course the beasts. No hero feels complete without a companion, and this is no different for our heroes. They tame the most worthy of their opponents and teach them the true meaning of the word warrior. The pets train as hard as their masters. These animals are loyal, sometimes laying down their own life in order to save their master's.

The heroes began to gain legendary status as they etched their names throughout all the Pantheons. They began to known as the Usual Suspects. As their status grew, so did the number of heroes who wanted to learn from and congregate with them. Our founding fathers came together and started a guild in T-Vell's backyard. The founding members of our guild all knew the value of a gold coin, and took the first one they earned and put it into an interest-bearing savings account. The guild soon outgrew the backyard and so the first mansion was erected using the funds our guild's founding members had so wisely saved while their heroes and heroines wasn't looking.

How To Join

  • Your hero must first reach level 12 to be eligible for membership
  • Upon reaching level 12 send your hero the following command: join "Usual Suspects" guild
    • It is best to send this command when the hero is not busy doing something and is outside of town
    • When you are successful, the hero will begin his quest to join our family

How We Can Help You

  • As a member of the family you will have access to our private medical facilities located in various locations worldwide
  • We have business owners worldwide that will recognize your membership status and bestow upon you gifts (gifts include discounts, items, and equipment).
  • Our members are constantly doing charitable deeds in the community, which in return is rewarded with gifts from the locals.
  • Each member has access to our forum thread and guild council which allows us to easily communicate with each other. (both are explained in the Guild Relations Section)

How You Can Help Us

  • Whenever you are in town do some encouraging or punishing to help us gain or retain influence in that town.
    • More deeds equals better benefits
  • Be loyal to the family by cancelling any quests to leave the guild.
    • Simply type in: abandon quest
    • Once your hero obtains Cardinal status within the guild, which is done by attending all parties for the first 135 days of membership, he will cease his attempts to leave - except if you ignore your hero or heroine for more than 28 days by not checking on them. If you go at least that long, your hero begins to feel nomadic and will decide on their own to leave this guild in order to either join another one or may decide to continue wandering Godville without a guild home for awhile.

Guild Relations

We like to help each other out whenever the opportunity arises. In order to find the needs of our fellow members, we utilize both the forum thread as well as our guild council to chat with each other. We encourage everyone to ask questions, and we definitely encourage the sharing of knowledge or even the occasional funny diary entry. We strive to be known as a friendly, helpful guild.

Forum Thread

Click Here To Access

  • We encourage all of our members to use the forum thread. The thread is a great tool for us to communicate with one another. The thread may be used to say hello. Relay important news. Ask and answer questions. A question posted on the thread may receive several answers with different perspectives from different members. Helping each other have fun in the game is the goal, hopefully making friends in the process.
  • The information posted on the forum is visible to any hero in Godville, so we advise that guild-sensitive information be passed through the guild council or through private message instead of on the forum.
  • The forum thread is a place of positivity and uplifting each other. We will not allow any trash talking (whether personal or to other guilds) on the forum thread. This is a zero-tolerance rule.

Guild Council

  • The guild council is another valuable tool that allows easier access to our guild members. The information posted here is only visible to fellow guild members.
    • All members of our guild can see your posts, so it is advised that any personal information be passed through private messages.
  • The guild council is a place of positivity and is meant to be encouraging and uplifting. Messages posted here should not be profane, abusive, discriminating, prosecutory, impairing, pornographic, vulgar, rude, unfriendly...(get the idea?).
    • Anyone violating this rule will receive a warning, at which point, the accused may defend himself.
    • A single severe violation or multiple violations of the same nature will result in permanent expulsion from the guild council.

Recruitment Policy

  • Our members are encouraged to recruit other heroes to join our family.
    • Out of respect for all the other guilds in existence throughout Godville and neighboring countries, we do not recruit heroes already committed to another guild.
      • This does not mean we will not accept members who want to leave their current guild; this only means that we will not seek out heroes committed to another guild.
      • Please note that your hero may decide he or she grows weary of being a Usual Suspect and will likely try to leave in order to join another guild unless you log in at least once every 28 days. You can cancel the quest for your hero to leave the guild by sending the message “stop quest”. Be sure the quest to join another guild says (cancelled) next to it before logging out. Please note too that you may have to send this message to stop quest multiple times before your hero will “hear” and respond to your command and actually cancel the quest to leave.
      • Top Suspects are guild members who have spent lots of time in the guild, achieving the top respected rank. Lean on them for help, information, advice, and friendship. Achieving this rank takes quite a bit of time, so players of this rank should be respected for their commitment and dedication.

Guild Inclusions in the Godville Times

  • Edition 3139, Day 3383 g.e. - Famous Heroes:

Felipe Enormowang — 114th-level adventurer, member of the “Usual Suspects” guild, with the motto “I wish I wasn't so fat...”, stands at the 142nd position in the pantheon of mastery under the vigilant supervision of the god Baws Banger. Distinctive features: a reckless disregard for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.


Our Headquarters

We strive for the best in everything that we do. We work harder and we party harder!

After a long day of being heroic, our members have the option of coming to the guild mansion to relax. We each have different ideas of relaxing, so the mansion is filled with the latest amenities and the finest foods and beverages always ready to enjoy in the banquet hall located on the east wing.

For our members who like to read, we have several libraries available with at least one located on each floor of the mansion. For those who like the water, we have enclosed heated swimming pools, hot tub with jets, as well as a lovely private beach outside to the west. For those who can't get enough battlefield training, we have gyms and practice arenas. For those who enjoy exploring dungeons, there are entrances available past the courtyard on both sides of the hedge maze. For those who like to dig, we have a thousand acres for your use located directly behind the mansion. For those who have pets, we have a nursery for younger pets as well as a veterinarian office available in the basement and open all hours. Each member of the guild reaching Chief Master status is bestowed a key to their personal room in the mansion and your name added to our list of faithful recruits below. These amenities are all available thanks to a generous donation provided by the T-Vell for President of Godville Foundation.

All we ask of our members is to be the best that you can be. Kill as many monsters as you can. Watch your family's back. Help each other when you can! Have fun & party like a God!


  • GodDefender for Good    - President & Attorney General Supreme, glorified by the heroine Lailah
  • GodKingdada    - Vice President & Headmaster of Recruiting glorified by the hero Dadamighty
  • GodSuzie30    - Chief of Staff, glorified by the heroine SuzieQ
  • GodSt George    - Secretary of State, glorified by the hero Freddy 13th
  • GodOmniscio    - Director of Covert Affairs, glorified by the hero Harry Paritestes
  • GodXoT3K    - High Scribe, glorified by the hero Gojirra
  • GodCosmopolotin    - Chief Tactician of Infiltration, glorified by the hero Seagramshot

Honorary Retired Members

  • GodVeezy    - Founder glorified by the hero T-Vell

Open Positions - Officers

  • Chief Administrator of Libations,
  • Chief Administrator of Justice,
  • Director of Guild Security,
  • Grand Shaman,
  • High Cleric Supreme,
  • High Priestess,
  • Scribe,
  • Secretary of Defense &
  • Secretary of Treasury


  • GodOmniscio    - glorified by the heroine Harry Paritestes'
  • GodFrye    - glorified by the hero Vanyel Ashkevron


Patriarchs / Matriarchs


  • GodInvictum    - glorified by the hero Fabius Verrucocus
  • GodXoT3K    - glorified by the hero Gojirra
  • GodZever  - glorified by the heroine Ashanara


Grand Masters