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Hello, new friend!

Not sure what to say here, but hi! Happy to take criticism or anything of the sort! I'm only typing this out because I'm like 90% certain I need to make the talk page initially and I do want it to exist, so here I am. I'm rp friendly, so feel free to send a friend request methinks! I'm a bit better in direct messages than I am on forums but I'll join a forum thread if you really want me there for some reason.
My chronicles are a bit full, but so's my schedule so I haven't had time to open Cyrus' wiki page to write more.
I guess I'll write some cool author's notes here then?
The names of myself and my hero are stolen from one of my other stories that I've written! They're not the same characters, though, and the way I envision Cyrus Godville is way different from how I envision Cyrus AoTM. The story in question isn't on the internet because I'm being lazy about writing it, but it's fun. The 'favored physical form' I use is actually called William, and he's my current persona. Fursona? Whichever. He's a bug-squid-wasp hybrid, and I'm very fond of him.
Once I get Cyrus' wiki page up I'll draw him too. I'm also happy to draw your heros or gods, but please note that since I can't accept virtual payment and have a relatively busy schedule that it might take a while for me to actually get back to you with the image if I do decide to do it. I guess you can request I do here?
I have a twitter account, but I rarely post art on it these days. It's mostly a place where I hang out with friends and retweet whatever I feel like. It'd be easy enough to find if you found me here, though.
If you need help with chronicles or anything I'm happy to ghostwrite or somethin! Or just offer tips? I really like writing is what I'm trying to say, hehe!
I guess I've rambled enough to warrant wrapping up. I appreciate any comments you leave, and I'm super glad you read my wiki page! It's a work in progress. I'm thinking of putting more images on it when I get the time to draw. Not sure what to put on there though?


--Skyravia (talk) 23:09, 15 September 2021 (UTC)