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THE HOW-TO GUILD GUIDE: Wow! Your heros level is high enough to join or start a guild! Your hero will find a guild to join by its self,but you can also send an influence to the hero through remote control!Heros like small guilds naturally,so it's unlikely that they join a huge one on there own. One of the advantages of being in a big guild is the bonuses. When guilds make miracles happen,(bye encouraging a hero in a town)the townsfolk love them and start giving advantages like healers giving you medicine! To influence a hero to join a guild,go to "enter the voice of god", type in "Join "(guild name)" guild. Be careful,though,because one wrong typo and you will get the wrong guild! If your hero is on a quest it will be canceled and instead the quest will be to join guild name. To start a guild,go to influences and type in "create "(guild name)" guild. Your heros quest will be cancelled and he will do this instead. Now that you have a start,try to figure out the rest.:)