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Welcome to GodWiki. I'm not going to act like I'm anyone important (because I'm not, lol), but, I thought I would say welcome. Any and all edits are welcome (and in some cases, heavily needed).

I just wanted to point out to you that most of the articles on the wiki generally follow a pattern. When creating articles, you should always remember to put the appropriate infobox template at the top of the article (see my edit to Armageddon survival manual that you created). Doing this should automatically categorize the page and display a nice infobox at the right. Helps to keep everything nice and organized. You can see the Godwiki Guidebook which is linked in the sidebar (bottom on mobile) for more tips and tricks when editing pages on the site.

You aren't in trouble or anything, I just noticed you started editing today, so I wanted to give a heads up since I saw the Armageddon survival manual page lacked one initially. It's not a big deal if you forget it or anything anyway, since I'm sure someone (like me, for instance) will catch it and fix it pretty quickly.

If you planning on adding more pages, that REALLY helps, according to the Special:WantedPages report, we currently have 7,708 red links on the site.

Likewise, if you need anything, feel free to check out the Help:Requests page. If you post something there, one of the volunteers listed at the bottom of the page should be able to help you pretty quickly.

Thanks, and have fun editing~! -- Emptysora (talk) 02:28, 20 November 2019 (UTC)