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Hello, Orgm. You have new messages at Help:Requests.
Message added WardPhoenix (talk) 14:23, 17 December 2019 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} template.

I thought I was helping! Heh. Made a spare navbox.

So, since you said you wanted to work on chicken articles, I thought I'd Be Helpful! and make you a neat little Chickeny navbox! And I did!

And then I went to add it to the Chicken in a Guy Suit page and realised there's already a {{Navbox birds}}, heh.

Majora Ducktator • Quasidodo
Domestica Ballpoint Penguin • Robber Chicken
Accipitridae Alter Eagle • Bald Eagle Scout • Desert Eagle • Déjà-Vulture • Faux Hawk • Hawktopus • Illeagle • Vegetarian Vulture
Anatidae Asparagoose • Lame Duck • Moby Duck • Peking Duck • Poltergoose • Rubber Duckie • Silly Goose • Sitting Duck • Teraducktyl
Columbidae Boxing Dove • Harrier Pigeon • Stool Pigeon • Tae Kwon Dodo
Corvidae Crowbard • Deep Crow • Quid Pro Crow • Scared Crow • Velcrow
Muscicapidae Knighting Gale • Lightningale
Phasianidae Chicken in a Guy Suit • Cold Turkey • Cyborganic Chicken • Fabergé Chicken • Headless Chicken • Heedless Chicken • Henforcer • Hentaur • Jaywalking Chicken • Kung Pow Chicken • Robot Chicken • Spring Chicken • Terror-aki Chicken
Spheniscidae Acid-breathing Penguin • Monocled Penguin
Aves incertae sedis Albatrocity • Aluminum Fowl • Arctic Firebird • Autoparrot • Binary Canary • Bird of Paradise • Bird of Pray • Crane of Thought • Early Bird • Flamingo Dancer • Foul Fowl • Jacked Sparrow • Jurassic Lark • Low-flying Ostrich • Main Square Parrot • Millennium Falcon • ORLY Owl • Parrot Trooper • Preemptive Shrike • Punk Flamingo • Repelican • Superb Owl • Supersonic Woodpecker • Technical Fowl • Tequila Mockingbird • Tweeting Bird

So, now your chicken pages can have both! Or, if you think that's silly, then you can just delete the text saying {{Navbox chickens}} from the bottom of the chicken pages and I'll mark the unneeded navbox for deletion! 😅

Either way, have fun with the chooks, and let us know at Help:Requests if there's anything you need! -- Djonni (talk) 22:10, 30 October 2019 (UTC)