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Kyta S. Indigo's Talk Page

« They sobstitute you and act like you when they wouldn't even dare to see what's in your head. »

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Important Friend Policy — Friending Kyta S. Indigo

Don’t friend me if you haven’t got good intentions. This includes but is not limited to;
Pestering me with messages;
Misleading links and images;
Misleading links and images;
Adding me just to throw hate/blame at me;
Spiting me;
Using my words against me;
Dragging me in an endless, meaningless, brain-melting debate;
Dragging me into some twisted RP of yours;
Trash-talking my guildmates and my friends;
Trash-talking my guild and other guilds I particularly care about;
Having a scary/creepy/pry behavior towards me;
Threatening me and/or my guildmates and friends.

… but you can add me if…

You need/want gameplay/godwiki advice;
You need/want to tell me something important, but forums and/or GC are not suitable places for that (depends on what you need to say, refer to the list above);
You’re in my same guild and you just want that little cute star next to my name and/or like to have guildmates added for some reason.
You need/want active dungeon partners;
Or happen to match me in one and want to collaborate;
You’re after the Coach Achievement;
Please, make sure I’m online before sending, don’t just send. I hate that.

Reminder: Adding me in your friends list doesn't automatically make me your friend.

Please, if you friend me, tell me the reason that made you do it; I've found accounts old less than a hour in my friend list, and even people from other guilds whom I used to trust, until their messages got creepy and pry and I've been asked real life questions I didn't feel confortable answering. At this point I stopped replying and deleted them. As one of the younger deities of this game, I care about my safety and I will not respond to you if I don't trust you.

I may be paranoid, but I want this game to be fun and with no consequences in real life.


Write whatever you have to write here. Also please use <FONT COLOR=WHITE>Colored Text Goes Here</FONT> within your text to make it easier to read for me.