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Krift and User:Krift

Hey there Krift, I thought I'd help out with your user page(s) a bit!

At the moment you're using both Krift and User:Krift for your god page. There's nothing wrong with that, except that it's a pain in the bum for you to keep two pages up to date, etc. My advice is to choose one, it doesn't matter which, but for most people the User: page is what they choose. Nobody but you can edit User:Krift, which means nobody will vandalize it, but also means nobody can help you with it directly. So pick whichever you like.

Assuming you choose to keep User:Krift, if you edit the Krift page and replace the contents with this and only this:

#REDIRECT [[User:Krift]]

Then any time someone goes to [[Krift], they'll be taken to User:Krift. If you choose to keep the Krift page, which others can edit, then just do that the other way around: edit the User:Krift page and make it just say #REDIRECT Krift.

You can see this in action on my user page: if you go to User:Djonni, you'll be taken instead to Djonni.

Hope that helps! -- Djonni (talk) 08:50, 1 December 2019 (UTC)