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Poultry Geist

It is said that the soul of a vengeful chicken is a truly terrible thing to behold. Whenever a rooster or hen is dispatched, there is a chance that their spirits are bound to the earth and cursed to accost the living. Although a Poultry Geist is invisible, they can manipulate surrounding objects with impunity to cause harm to mortal creatures. These attacks are often accompanied by loud clucking and the occasional cock-a-doodle-doo signaling impending doom for its victims.


  • Invisible to mortal eyes
  • Can manipulate objects and fling them towards their prey
  • Capable of inciting mortal chickens into a suicidal fury


  • Can be located through their constant clucking
  • Cowardly when confronted and often squawks when cornered
  • Unable to fly despite its supernatural nature

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