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Dog Head is marked for deletion

Hi there! You appear to have been inactive for several years, but I wanted to alert you that some content you've added to the Godwiki is marked for deletion, in case you want to argue for it to be kept.

The page titled Dog Head, which you are the creator and only contributor to, is styled as if it's for a hero in Godville. But you don't have a hero by that name, and the character Dog Head is quite clearly from an anime.

Since it's fan content for a tv series, and not actually related to Godville, the page has been marked for deletion. There's a good chance that it will be deleted before you see this. If it's still there, you're welcome to explain why you think it should be kept at Talk:Dog Head. However, it's much more likely that when (if) you ever read this message, that page will have been deleted. In which case, this message is to explain to you why.

It's obvious that you worked hard on that page and love the character, so I'm sorry that it's not appropriate for the Godwiki. -- Djonni (talk) 11:13, 25 November 2019 (UTC)

I've discovered that googling the words "Dog Head Masaomi Kida"" leads or page to be in the top results. This is a big concern, as it's not clear whether the material can be used here without permission. So, unfortunately, I have no choice but to blank the page.
As I've mentioned, you clearly worked hard on that page. So, I've archived your page as it is right now here, on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, so you'll be able to find it again in future if you want it. -- Djonni (talk) 11:53, 25 November 2019 (UTC)