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Hi there ! I'm gonna answer to your question from Category talk:Diary references here!

There is a big reason for such a category to be unused : I invite you to read this talk section, about the previous attempt at making a list of diary/earthly news/greetings entries.

If you already read it past this point, you'll have notice that the devs decided against such lists and simply deleted them without notice. Though I kind of understand the purpose of listing them for then noting what they references, I am afraid such work would just see history repeats itself and ending up deleted from GodWiki.

Then, this is just some my piece of salt on the matter (or whatever the expression is), but you can still Go Bold and do it anyway, worst that can happens is having things deleted by the devs, and maybe they'll have changed their opinion since last time (though I'd recommand using an extern soft to keep data, just in case).

There was never much demands for diary references articles since, well, the beginning ; so this topic was kinda left out until the mentionned talk above (and considering how little active deities GW there is, it don't come back often), but maybe it can change. --WardPhoenix (talk) 07:33, 26 July 2021 (UTC)