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  • Arena tips:

Going to the arena is a big risk; Not only are you unaware of your opponent's health, personality and charges, your +*influences*+ and god voices are also dependent upon the Great Random. Therefore, I suggest these strategies: 1) Save up at least *3* charges. 2) Feigning inactiveness by not influencing( At the end, there is a part to show that this strategy does not work every time) 3) Using voice commands.

In a battle, your encouragements/punishes _might_ fail, or  even worse, backfire(Encouragements +heal+ your opponent/punishes +damage+ your hero(in)es), so I suggest:

For +good+ hero(in)es against evil ones, encourage widely. An encourage blocks out the punish and might even increase your health, keeping you in the battle. Your health should be higher than theirs(Best at a difference of 40), so at your turn, use a punish and an attack vc. Hopefully if all goes well(A punish, well followed vc and an attack by your hero(in)es can deal a significant damage), you'll win the battle if they continued punishing(For fear of risking their personality) _In some cases, punishing might be ideal if you want to win the brick. Personalities can be built up again so 1 or 2 punishes is fine._

However, if the opponent start to encourage, I would advise you to look at your health and attacking turn. If your health is high(Should be before you punish), continue punishing. They should stop encouraging unless they want a further drop in their personality. Following this assumption, they would start to punish. However, your health is higher so you would win unless the Great Random is not in your favor.

For +evil+ hero(in)es against good ones, I would say it's a tough one. If there is a clash of punish and encourages, punishes will be overwritten. However, a _good_ way to counter this is to use heal voice commands(1/5 % gp of a punish):  Drink iodine heal wounds. Eat and restore health! ( To keep yourself in the battle if it works ) or smite voice commands: Kick, strike, punch and kill! Smite evil my hero(ine)! ( To end the battle fast if it works )

For +good hero(in)es+ against good ones/ +evil+ hero(in)es against evil ones, it is actually dependant upon _your luck and charges_. To illustrate this, if encourages/ punishes keep failing, you're bound to lose and in the case of +good hero(in)es+ against good ones, the person with more charges normally wins( Wouldn't say that in the case of +evil+ hero(in)es against evil ones since the battle usually ends fast.

  • Action-locking

This _particular_ player is very experienced in the arena, whom I shall not say who. She uses voice commands largely, without encourages or punishes mostly throughout. Firstly, I kept punishing( Had _20_ charges from the anniversary ), but she uses voice commands instead, heal ones to be specific. Great random was at my side, for her voice commands kept failing(about 6 used and only 2 successful). Therefore, she started to punish as well; she had almost action-locked me. However, I won, spending *5* charges in total, and her only about *2* I guess? The gap was like 50+ hp, which really was close! Imagine what would happen if more of her voice commands work! _Action-locking can save gp a lot, but there are big risks involved!_

  • Recounting back to my arena days

In my personal experience, I have lost 6 battles so far, out of which 3 lost to charge-buyers. _Facing such players, it is a good idea to let it go, and save them for the next battle._

Sad to say, 3 battles lost due to my negligence!

This battle is what I would call infuriating: In the 3 turns before we can influence, I checked on her profile: 8 months old, personality _gentle_ and won 19/11, which made me feel that she was an encourage-based god. In order to counter this, I purposely feigned inactive, in hope that she'll just encourage once and leave the battle. However, *BIG MISTAKE!* To my surprise, she actually started punishing, throwing me at a gap of 70hp( it was her turn btw ). And so, I started punishing, but it was too late! We were still at a gap of about 70hp... so I had *no* choice but to encourage. However, after 2 encourages, I lost, partly due to a successful voice command and punish. In this battle, I hope to tell everyone who reads this: 'Do *_not_* judge a book by its cover'! _By assuming, you're putting yourself at a big risk!_

Finally, my heroine wants me to end off with this 'wise' words by her: _'Do not let a single loss affect you from future wins!'_