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Templates for talking about templates, and interacting with shiny new wiki users 😊

Hi Cusack!

I noticed your messages left on Talk:Demoncer and User talk:Aria The Goddess where you suggest the use of the Template:Guild and Template:Usergod templates. I thought I'd let you know a couple of things.

When you want to talk about a template in a talk page, as you have discovered, just writing the template will actually use the template, which is very confusing for the reader. So, to help, we have a few templates for talking about templates.

The most useful are probably the {{tlc}} template and the {{tlx}} template. If you write:


it becomes this:


instead of actually inserting Template:Guild into the page. Similarly, {{tlc}} works exactly the same way, except that it doesn't make the name of the template a link to the template's page. In other words:




There are a few other similar templates in Category:Formatting templates that might be useful, as well.

The second thing I wanted to say is that, unless someone clearly wants help (and they may not know how to ask for it), we generally don't tell people what they should or shouldn't do with their User: or Guild pages. The templates are there for anyone who wants them, and the Godwiki Guidebook is linked from every single page, with guidelines for God, Hero and Guild articles respectively. Often, creating an extremely simple, or extremely messy, Guild or User page is someone's first try at doing anything with the wiki, and so we need to be super careful not to make people feel like they're doing things wrong, or scare them away. So there's absolutely nothing wrong with offering help to people when you see it's useful — that's exactly what I'm doing now, for example — but be careful not to jump on someone when they are just starting to figure things out here. If you do decide to leave a message for a new wiki user like that, please make sure to be super, super positive in your tone and wording. We really don't want to give anyone the feeling they shouldn't be editing the wiki, or feel like they're doing "something wrong" with their personal or guild pages here. 😊 -- Djonni (talk) 13:44, 3 October 2019 (UTC)

The construction template

Hi, Cusack. I noticed that you had a construction template on your god page, inviting users to modify the history section of your god page. I would like to let you know that this is not possible, as only you have the permission to edit your god page, as it is in the User namespace. —Uni34 (talk) 01:48, 30 December 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the info --Cusack (talk) 10:05, 26 January 2020 (UTC)