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Please don't vandalize other guilds' pages

Hi, welcome to GodWiki. I happened to notice that you created the Guild article for Family Business last month, containing the text:

This guild is good, but you should join the "Gods of Power" guild. Two is a couple, but three is a crowd!

Because you're a member of Gods of Power, not Family Business, this edit was not appropriate unless it was authorized by the members of Family Business. It's not only not cool, but a direct violation of the GodWiki Rules, which state:

3. You may not edit the guild article of a guild in which you are not a member without permission.

I'll blank the page so that the "advertisement" is no longer there, but please don't use other guilds' wiki space to hype your guild. It doesn't reflect well on the members of Gods of Power. Thanks. -- FeRDNYC (talk)