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I am Ginka- that's right I have a dash at the end of my name, `-`. Anyways, my God is Avery00 he is a very pleasant God. He rarely punishes me and is always finding ways to encourage me to do better. Now after 5 years of all that I decided it was time J actually met him, he has two forms. One is hard to miss, the other is hard to find. His first form is a Black and Gold Lion with an orange aura. The second is well a normal human form.

I am on a quest to find others like me, along the way I found Jeff, an amazing psychic magician, Chase our hard core brawn, and Cindy, she is the only girl in our group and she is also a great fighter. Well we go around and make sure everyone is ok and just to make sure we scan AURAS. Sometimes we find voids other times we find FreezBurners. The voids are truly vicious creatures who eat everything that moves, while the FreezeBurners are beings who shoot ice so cold it burns. Oh yea forgot to mention I'm not a bladers as much anymore now I'm embracing what my God has given me, the gift of being part dragon, ape, and human. Now you see y I'm leader.