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Adding images to your user page

Hi there!

I noticed you trying to add your recently uploaded images to your user page, and thought I'd try to be helpful.

Try copy-pasting one of these wherever you want your images to appear:

[[File:User-Adel de goody.jpeg|thumb|Caption here]]

Caption here

[[File:Adel de goody.jpeg|thumb|Caption here]]]

Caption here

You can also add a |left, |right, or |center to specify a horizontal alignment:

[[File:User-Adel de goody.jpeg|thumb|left|Caption here]]

Caption here

[[File:User-Adel de goody.jpeg|thumb|center|Caption here]]

Caption here

If you want more formatting options, there are a lot. They're all described in detail on the mediawikiwiki:Help:Images page. Just remember to check how your page looks on both mobile and desktop, if you want it to look good on both. Setting specific image sizes (like with |64px) is usually a bad idea unless you really know what you're doing.

If you're having trouble, feel free to ask for help or advice over at the Help:Requests by leaving a message in the "Wiki coding help" section!

Hope this helps :) -- Djonni (talk) 13:44, 31 July 2019 (UTC)