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The Great ViperVenom

ViperVenom though she may sound vicious and this speculation would be correct. The Great One is a ferocious goddess and has lashed out and killed her first five heroes with a carefully placed viper next to her resting heroes that bit them, injecting a venom so toxic that it could only be created by her. The viper is her signature way of getting rid of heroes unworthy of building her temple and sometimes the viper may be used to show a hero that they have been chosen by her. ViperVenom may have gotten her name from her preferred way of killing off her heroes and her nasty temper that resembles an angered serpent. No one knows exactly how this goddess came into existence but many scholars believe ViperVenom to be the offspring of Medusa and the Roman god of war, Mars. ViperVenom is known to look like an average goddess except for large venom dripping fangs and snake like eyes. She also has the ability to turn into a serpent at will and when angered. She is rumored to be able to control those who look directly into her eyes when she is in her serpent form.

The Rising of a New Hero

After killing off her last and longest lasting hero, Slater, a new one had to be chosen to complete her great temple. The next unlucky hero was Sully (later renamed Stormfur), who was in a grassy field taking a break from the day. ViperVenom then sent her viper from the sky and dropped it in Sully's lap to bite him on the wrist and leave her scar on the new hero.