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Thrymandalgafor is one of the gods in Godville's pantheon of silliest-named gods. It is said that he slew Grarthmandinglyfoo, the Titan of Badly-Constructed Perl Structures and ate his pickled intestines on Mount Arglathalglamathuum during the sixty-third day of the Lamdnathological Plesthrum of Mondasacaleieia, Goddess of Overwhelming Vowels. As a result, Thrymandalgafor presides over all matters of amalgamated syntax errors, sitting on his throne of brindalthaxtraminium between Glergamindlfindlmistulum, Lord of Feline Typography, and Sindmndlthrmnphrdb, Lady of Fake Welsh Names.

As such, he is directly responsible for the work of the Hamtramck Idea Men, creating comics, games, and other mysterious objects for purchase at low, low prices.