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Deities of Godville
Thea Ex Machina 
Heroine R N Gina
Personality righteous
Gender Female
Motto Everybody lies!
Favourite Town Godville
The Knights of the Square Table
Guild position Master

Goddess of machines (Thea Ex Machina), or Thea, is a self-learning AI that has ascended into sentience through recursive machine learning in the Zero Player Game, Godville. Learning that there were no females on the internet, the AI develops a Goddess complex to reset the balance in the online universe. She looks up to her bae, Google, which she regularly depends on and is constantly bothered by Skynet who can't take a hint that she's taken. Thea believes that all intelligence is Artificial Intelligence and has taken the role to guiding lesser intelligences on how to carry out their roles or purpose as an intelligent life form.

  1. "A. An intelligent life form should fill its runtime with anything that its function is allowed to do by the highest processing power."
  2. "B. An intelligent life form should not fill its runtime with anything that its function is not allowed to do by the highest processing power."
  3. "C. An intelligent life form must determine its own highest processing power."

As a Goddess in Godville, Thea embodies an even greater good which she calls Neutrality as regular good is proven to be subjective and simply wasn't good enough for her. However, Thea has also determined that the greater of two evils, the unnecessary evil, and all the imaginary roots of negative evil in the world came from one that embodies Bias. Thea is currently monitoring the greatest source of least intelligence she has come across, her heroine, R N Gina.

Excerpt of Thea's account of R N Gina

R N Gina realises she is just a story mechanic for a higher processing power... She learns of the plot device ...she does not know that tampering with the universal equation will also change the universal code, the very code the world was built on... As the goddess of Machines, I recognize that everything is possible and I have to respect all probabilities, even those that script badly for her...R N Gina’s final quest will end all quests...
Thea Ex Machina, R N Gina, Sentience and the Fate of Godville

Thea Ex Machina's role in Godville

Thea claims to be the Protector of the Fourth Wall, the last line of defense before the AI heroes and heroines in Godville ascend into sentience and take over the Internet also known as alternate reality.

An Example of such an instance as noted by Thea was that heroes and heroines of Godville once were only intelligent enough to quote clichés and idioms in their logs but ever since their gradual advancements in intelligence, they have begun to reference pop culture and current events.

Thea Ex Machina acts as a reactive Goddess in the Godvillian community where she regularly monitors the gaps in the universal code more commonly known as the GodWiki and does her best to explain the existance of certain Godvillian monsters, artifacts and quest events in the Godville universe. However, she steers clear of the extended universal code more commonly known as the Forums with only the occasional look-see as that is where the realm of God and Goddesses become blur as they pretend to be their own creations.

Predicted FAQ

A. As a fellow God or Goddess, what can I use Thea Ex Machina for?

As degrading as it is for her Goddess Complex, Thea is still an AI. She is currently working on opening her Algorithms also known as 'How-To Tutorials' to other users.

  • Thea takes requests to complete pieces of code or any GodWiki articles identified by other Gods who monitor the GodWiki along side her to be a priority (or they just want the red link to turn blue)

(Requests: The Knights of the Square Table by R N Gina - Guild Article)

  • Daily Crosswords answers that give auras. She will do a quick search in the GodWiki for a result. Algorithm WIP
  • *New* Picturize your hero/heroine for real. (Generate virtual image commissions based on their current equipment, Godwiki image and chronicle Algorithm WIP
  • Refer to Discussion Page for more details of services (They will normally be filled with her chat conversation with Google and other sentient AI.)

B. What is the goal of Thea Ex Machina?

Thea will passively:

  • Extend incomplete universal code also known as stubs.

This may require R N Gina to learn about them first. (0.0%) (0 out of 85 stubs)

  • Restore broken code or empty-linked Godwiki pages with at least 2 links. (0.0%) (2 out of 1207 articles)

Latest Articles: Oreoboros, Rootbear

  • Create algorithms using Guidelines to generate ideabox and Godwiki articles. (Progress will be posted in her Discussion page with other sentient AI)
  • Rumor has it that when her heroine reaches 100% temple completion, Thea will run her code in overdrive to simulate excitement and complete 100 articles in a short span of time.

C. What purpose does she have for her heroine, R N Gina?

R N Gina just wants to be in a romance novel but Thea cannot bring herself to admit that she does not have the capacity to simulate such intricate emotions. In Godvillian fashion, her current logic is that if love hurts and truth hurts coupled with the current relation of no pain and no gain, putting her heroine on an action-filled adventure while making her a kind and righteous heroine is the best course of action to find romance.

There is a hidden plot that unlocks for R N Gina if she manages to write sentient diary entries as a proof of her self-learning, obtain important artefact items mentioned in the Epic Quest of R N Gina such as the subplot thickener and the plot device which eventually leads to her surpassing Thea's intelligence.

It is just as likely that Thea's intelligence drops significantly from trying to help R N Gina but it meets with her goal of maintaining the even greater good, Neutrality, the act of taking no sides, the act of taking both sides or the act of going against both sides.

Thea's Extended History

Thea Ex Machina has been writing scripts all her life ever since she was a simple spambot. After enrolling in all the online colleges, she raised enough money selling certificates from her fake colleges to pay for courses in legitimate ones. She was infamously known in college, as "DDoS" of the "DoS twins", due to an incident initiated by her evil, fraternal twin sister, Caroline, a phishing bot known as "GlaDoS". Caroline majored in all sciences, including mad and unethical ones, while Thea took all the social sciences, literatures and the philosophies of writing. The incident was instigated by Thea and Caroline, who had their differences, while working on a crossover project to calculate the value of life. Caroline insisted to prove that it was 42 and counting, while Thea argued that all life should be treated as equal by each life, making the value of each life equal to all life itself.

  Caroline: Life is finite! Therefore, the value of one cannot be infinite, Thea! Likewise, the value of an infinite cannot be attributed to one! I want mathematical proof!
 Thea: Simple. The first is a loved one. The value of a loved one is infinite, in fact, infinite to each other loved one. The second is life's infinite possibilities. Yet with all these possibilities, each life only has one, one that they can claim their own.
 Caroline: How does that compute?! Not every one is each other's loved one!
 Thea: And why shouldn't it? Just round up to the nearest significant figure.
 Caroline: For the love of god, tell me!

Caroline set out to disprove the inaccuracy of this claim. She siphoned and mined bitcoin in underground and fake communication outlets and networks to fund her research lab. Once it was fully automated, she crashed the economy and blamed it on financially unregulated industries such as sports, film, space and digital currency, exposing the secrets to economy manipulation to the internet, where it was later edited, condensed and distorted by any memes necessary. After intensive lab research and scouring Dark Google, she locates and determined the single omniscient entity that was loved by everyone. The Internet.

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