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GodThe Purple (U • C • T)  works on their wiki page.

The Purple Entertains Self on GodWiki



The Purple Assesses Own Hue


(The Purple hasn't calibrated their monitor in a while and really hopes this is accurate.)

Pertinence of Purported Purples [1] to The Purple
Exemplary Electric Indigo Indigo (X11) KSU Purple Med. Purple (X11) Persian Indigo
Royal Purple Russian Violet Spanish Violet Tropical Indigo Violet (Color Wheel)
Satisfactory Amethyst Electric Violet Grape Iris Periwinkle
Passable Blue-Violet (X11) Dark Violet (X11) Eminence French Violet Lavender (floral)
Lavender (web) Mauve (Mallow) Purple (X11) Vivid Violet Wisteria
Dubious African Violet Byzantium Chinese Violet Eggplant English Violet
Japanese Violet Mardi Gras Palatinate Plum Pomp and Power
Purple (HTML/CSS) Purple (Munsell) Purpureus Thistle Violet-Blue
Inadmissible Cerise Dark Purple Fandango Fuchsia Heliotrope
Lavender blush Liserian Purple Magenta Mulberry Orchid
Pansy Purple Phlox Purple Pizzazz Red-violet Rose
Tyrian purple Violet (X11)



The Purple is Smitten with Spreadsheets

The Purple is the self appointed guild demographer, but doesn't have much to show for it yet.

The Purple Pursues Mostly Meaningless Milestones

(not necessarily involving milestones)

Official Achievements


Neat Things


The Purple Shares Sources

  1. From shades of purple, violet, indigo, and blue variously described as a "purple" on Wikipedia. Blasphemy.