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This guild is new but i want to bring it to godville and make it a big guild for anyone to join. I want to make this guild come alive. The IMMORTAL SOULS is a friendly guild for anyone. We love to party and play games in this guild. Poetry or story telling is a big part of this guild.

The people ... If we were to summarize what the guild stands for, that is how we would describe it. Guilds are organic in nature as there are never any hard means of their existence and function; but what is the corner stone will and shall always be its people that define it. Perhaps we should thank the ones that had performed these actions, as awakened are the souls that share a similar voice. We stand firm now in what we believe: no member left behind, no voice unheard, and a means for all to feel a self of ownership to a guild that understands that the people is what makes it. Share your voice...