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Some months ago, long before I or she finished our temples, I met a woman through Godville. It was a chance thing. I used a Social Network Adapter and boom. She popped up in my friends list and her poor hero was unceremoniously teleported into my hero's far-too-small backpack. Of course, both parties screamed healthily. I should have figured that something was pointing me to her when I kept seeing my hero encountering her equally inept hero. Over a period of a few months, I came to chat regularly with her through Godville. I laughed with her jokes, she helped me feel better after the relentless tribble assaults I endured (and am still dealing with). Sure, maybe she was a member (at the time) of the Blue Feather guild, whose leader had, in a drunken stupor perhaps, changed the totem monster to the Tribble Overlord. But she was special; is still so very special. We got in touch soon after that via Discord. And I eventually hinted to her in a stupidly obvious way that I was falling for her. She was understandably dubious at first, but we ended up dating via the Internet. For reasons I'd rather not get into here, we recently stopped dating (no no no nothing happened between us and if anyone tries to harass her I will shishkebab you). What is the point of this, you might ask? I doubt this will be seen by very many people. But if I can touch one person and perhaps give them the courage to make their feelings known to someone else they find special here on Godville, that will be enough for me. My point is this: despite what so very many others will tell you, love can come about through the Internet, without seeing the other person. It is perhaps purer than dating in real life because you don't judge someone based on their face...what clothes they wear...what car they drive....or what they live in. You fall in love with the person, not their possessions, their lifestyle, or anything like that. You can be sure that you are in love, not merely in lust or pining after what they provide you. If it comes to a point where you have to end it, it hurts just as much, that I can tell you. But you will be a better person for it.