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I'm a simple god. I like breakfast food. And scotch.

  • Waffles go with Macallan.
  • Pancakes with Highland Park.
  • Cereals (dry) with Laphroaig.

My hero is called John Artcastles. That's an anagram of my real name. Good luck.

  • He started questing 12/05/15. I'm proud of him.
  • He joined his first guild NKC48 24/05/15. I'm proud of him.
  • He joined his second guild Jedi Order 08/10/15. I'm proud of him.

My hero is quite the zookeeper. Well, he aspires to become one. Good luck.

He's a favorite (1st rank), builder (2nd rank), saint (2nd rank), animalist (3rd rank), careerist (3rd rank), champion (3rd rank), hunter (3rd rank), invincible (3rd rank), martyr (3rd rank), and a renegade (3rd rank).