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Syndavir, the former God of Destruction from a distant universe, has come to this one in search of a new life. Syndavir never makes any permanent alliances, and often disappears from Godville for long periods of time when he returns to his home universe.

Syndavir is not as omnipotent as other gods, but still has many powers. He is capable of summoning pretty much any form of elemental magic to punish people (mostly his hero) and can also read thoughts, teleport, and cause violent explosions by staring at things, to name a few.

Upon receiving his hero, he realized his hero was the striking image of his former ally Icosa's son Donnivan. He proceeded to call the hero Donnivan until he forgot his actual name. Syndavir's hero, Donnivan, is not much to talk of. He is a rather moronic hero with some skill in combat, being able to sort of copy Syndavir's explosive powers. Donnivan is as bad as Syndavir at flirting and social interaction, mostly giving pointless compliments to others. Most people just see this as being nice and nothing more, leading to Donnivan's eventual failure.

Syndavir is naturally violent but he acts more civilized when around his current group of friends. Syndavir is usually the one to suggest crazy, improbable plans of attack and accidentally bring conflict with him. Syndavir never talks much about his past, but he'll reveal a little bit about to those who have earned his trust. Syndavir, oddly enough, is horridly afraid of goats, Weed Wackers, and pastel colored clothing. Besides these quirks, he's a rather ordinary deity.

Now, if you try to use this wiki page against Syndavir, he will likely stare at your head until it violently explodes.

You have been warned.