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Championed by the Hero: Tarintodont
Personality: Well-intentioned, and with enough knowledge to be dangerous.
Motto: You can't fall off of the floor.
Guild: E.I.S. Eternal
Guild Position: Founder and General Contractor


You have reached SourceRunner's wiki page. She's not here right now, but if you'd like to leave a message with me, Tarintodont, I'll pass it along in my prayers.
This page is the closest thing I've found to her holy book: it's where she puts things like the "Missing Vignettes" and "Discourses on Godville." My Guardian Spirit, as wordy as she is, somehow only wrote a page, not a book. Huh. Anyway, feel free to look around, and take anything she says with a tankard of lager. I always do.

The Missing Vignettes

This section contains all of the vignettes, and occasionally something more. If there was a storyline that didn't resolve in the main chronicles but should have, you will likely find the rest of it here. If you want to know the whys and wherefores of Number Seven, they're definitely in here. Did your favorite vignette disappear from the chronicles? It will reappear here. Eventually. No promises.


Discourses on Godville

This section contains little essays based on SourceRunner's experiences in Godville. I don't understand much of what she's talking about, but maybe it's just one of those holy mystery things.


Deities You Should Respect

Yes, Guardian Spirit? 
Tarintodont, you will respect the deities I am about to name. They are the deities to whom I go for advice. They are the responsible for you still being here, and being in your present fortunate shape. 
They are? They are?! Yes, ma'am, I'm listening! 
These deities, kind and wise, are:
GodYour Ex Girlfriend 
GodBenign Neglect 
GodThe Gourd God 
GodMistress of Science 
GodBellatrixie the Strange 
GodDoctor Frank-n-furter 
GodBlue Panda 
GodThe Only Good God 
GodA R I E S 
GodMorrigan Dahlia 
GodBlissful 1