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Deities of Godville
Weeaboo God Sorenim 
Hero Bobu The Jp
Personality Fluffy, Purr Good
Motto Not dying has beneƒits
The Forsakens Lament
Guild position Deluxe Lap Warmer, Grove Keeper
Guild rank Hierarch


I actually don't like cats all that much.

Bobu the Jp resume photo


Love love love

Bobu The Jp

Made in a battle shounen manga protagonist's image, Bobu had always dreamt of being cast as the main character in a shounen anime or manga. Unfortunately, life wasn't that generous, and despite all his efforts to advertise himself as a shining paladin of goodness and integrity, he hasn't yet been cast as anything.

Be it bad luck, scarceness of opportunities, or otherwise, Bobu just turned into another ordinary hero amongst many. Frustrated with his unfulfilled potential and others' inability to recognise his greatness, Bobu strayed from the path of good and now lives as a shadow of his former self. Quite literally. Though, he hasn't looked in the mirror for ages, so he probably doesn't even realise.

Still, habits die hard, so you will find Bobu chasing after children in need of help, giving heart attacks to the elderly who just tried to cross the street, and trying to insist that he really doesn't need shop keepers' valuables in exchange for their lives.

Why Bobu is your ideal shounen protagonist:
- He's not very smart, but he's a hard worker
- What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in optimism to the point of absurdity
- He's protected by both Sorenim and by the power of friendship
- He wields an oversized sword
- His naturally spiky hair can be used as a weapon too
- He loves tournaments and can't get enough of tournament arcs
- He doesn't have a dad, but needs a father figure
- He will use up all your show's budget on food expenses to fuel himself for battle Nevermind that.