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Deities of Godville
Hooded Soliloqui.jpg
Hero Toten Seele
Personality Lonely
Gender Female
The Forsakens Lament
Guild position Goddess of Lonely Ghosts and Lost Spirits

I am a lonely Goddess, shy and isolated. I was elected to take care of the abandoned heroes and lost spirits, because obviously, my personality fit that position. At least, that's what the other obnoxious gods said. They just didn't want to do it. In reality, I am a sassy, fabulous load of fun! Well, only when other people are not around. I guess that defeats the purpose...

So that's why I usually wear my hood, to fit my job, and because like I said, I'm shy. I don't like people looking at me. But when I'm alone, I take the hood off and strut my stuff!

Like so.


But recently, life has become much less lonely with my new, little champion Toten Seele. Kind of a moody, pessimistic fellow, and he only talks in dismal, disjointed poetry. Sort of. It's strange.

But I still love him! I do my best to cheer him up, which I suspect just makes him more grumpy, but no matter! I will just keep trying. Speaking of the little Devil, here is me and him posing together.

I am the tall, gorgeous one, and he is the gloomy, little rascal hanging his head. And it was supposed to be a happy picture...

Soliloqui and Seele T.jpg

I mean, I specifically told him to look at the camera and smile. Well, he never listens to me. What a scamp. I guess maybe he is kind of sore about we met... I mean, how I basically kidnapped him. Well, in my defense, it was more of me lending a helping hand, that reached into his world, grabbed him, and dragged him out kicking and struggling... Yeah, okay, maybe it was just plain kidnapping. Seriously, he should be grateful if anything though. His world was so dark and depressing, and mine is, well, exactly the same. But this way we can be together and make each other happy! He just does not know what is best for him. He needs me. It is pretty obvious. You need me, right Toten Seele?

Oh, now he is walking away and mumbling something cryptic and grumpy. Come back here! Of course, he's not listening. Just a second, I need to go fetch him and manhandle- I mean, comfort him.

Ooh! Another nice portrait, black and white this time! I got all dressed up, and - Oh yeah, and Toten Seele looks exactly the same... Drab little beast. I need to teach him a lesson.

Soliloqui and Seele A.jpg

Aha! Yes. He'll love this. A glamorous shot of me, throwing my gorgeous hair back... With Toten Seele in it! Try as he might, he could not escape from my luscious strands! And then he just settled for grumpy. Oh well, my excitement will make up for both of us.

Soliloqui and Seele 6.jpg

He really contrasts well with my hair! I asked him how soft and silky my hair felt, and he just mumbled something cynical. I just grabbed him and hugged him into my face, which did not make him any happier. Then goodnight! Gave him a kiss on the head, picked him up, threw him over me, and snuggled the monster into my bosom for bedtime! He'll hate me tomorrow morning...