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               SHADOW VAMPIRE

The shadow vampire is a goddess of compassion whose initial sighting makes you think different as she is tall and slim with the tiniest hint of fangs when she smiles (or is that a snarl )! As you speak with her - that is if she grants you an audience - you will notice that if she gets annoyed her fangs increase in length ! This goddess is very aloof or is she just shy? !

Back to her looks she had long black hair and looks in her early 20's although having seen many full eclipses of the moon above her come and go! This deity has the palest skin and is blessed with a witty intelligence. She enjoys speaking with people of similar intellect and a good game of chess is always welcomed ! The shadow vampire official dress code is long black skirt which is made from many yards of lace which rustles alluringly as she moves! This is topped with a Basque over which she wears a shirt of the finest chiffon! The outfit is completed with a pair of lace up stilletto ankle boots but she is more at home in jeans mucking out her horses stable !

The shadow vampire walks in both worlds as when she was turned into a vampire her sire forgot to clean his fangs after snacking on chocolate before biting her !

This resulted in her craving chocolate not blood and ostracised by others of her kind, from that day she chose to walk her own path surrounding herself with her pets which she adores.

Since becoming a deity, the SHADOW VAMPIRE has a heroine, Deedle who worships and praises her regularly, completing many missions whilst fighting great monsters in her name whilst accompanied by her pet FIREFOX named BOO as sadly DUMBO her ROCKY RACOON died fighting to protect his mistress ! DUMBO is sorely missed and has left very big boots to fill and is sadly missed by all that knew him!

Please feel free to add her as a friend and gifts of chocolate are always welcome. !


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               One thing about being  a vampire is that i have had plenty time to collect some beautiful items !some inherited, some gifts, many things bought by myself and they all not only have a purpose but a story a very original one sometimes ! well this time i am going to tell you about a little about my family tree, i have a most beautiful rocking chair with such delicate carvings and the cushioning of the brightest red so remindimg me of a fantasy of mine concerning well y!  enough about that now.  My great great grand aunt lizzie bequeathed it to me, it was one of the few things she brought from her home country when she had to quickly leave bulgaria, where she was a countess and had moved in all the right circles ! until she came to live with us in exile ! it was a very long time ago and i was young, all vampires have psychic skills to some degree as with every thing.all the ladies for many generations have all had some power and from mother to child these powers have been nurtured, cultured from birth and so it was that my aunt Lizzie was not only a very gifted clairvoyant but with help she learned to control it at will ! so when she wants to let you know something its no gentle hints with aunt lizzie but i promise u will never ever have to wonder was it? wasn'nt it ? you knew, no doubt about it ! it was aunt lizzie !                                                                                                                                                        All i wanted to that rainy sunday afternoon was just sit there in my rocking chair with a good book and eating the largest bar of whatever my favouite chocolate bar was at the time ! read my book and eat chocolate !So this is how i came to open my favourite chocolate bar and breathed deeply tthe aroma of my favouriet "galaxy cookie crumble"bar" while rocking the afternoon away, the rocking chair was no normal rocking chair but a  family heirloom that has been passed down through the generations for as long as records can show; absorbing the strongest characteristics of each owner, from which the current owner can benefit when seated in the chair.i put a piece in my mouth and started to sit down but as i sat down, a very strong almost painful causing me to jump up in alarm and spitting piece of chocolate across the room where it hit wall slid down and was promptly eaten by my pet coatebunde picked it up and ran behind the sofa  i sighed rubbing my sore bottom i had just had a dose of incredibly clairvoyant great great grand aunt lizzies clairvoyance ! aunt lizzie could not live in own country of bulgaria, where she was a countess and had great influence in court.lots of unkind tales were told abourt her youthful complexion and as far as she was concerned as after she was a countess and could do what she liked and no one noticed the regular discovery of a young ladies corpse drained of blood until a large number of them were found just over her castles wall and things became rather with people demanding retribution so all in all she thought it prudent to come stay here. the only thing was aunt lizzie was a very powerful clairvoyant and if it camme through you wouldnt be able to sit for 3 days! so this is what brought me to slowly enter your bed chamber and see if i could find out why i had just seen u being attacked by an unseen force! slowly the mist solidified and i looked down at your sweet sweet face, as i  gently kissed your throat and for a brief moment my tongue gently licking you ! i looked round the room but nothing seemed amiss. i looked down to your slee[ping oh so sweet one your face i started to smile but then i saw your face in rage and anger as you struggled to much something from above as you attempted to take a breath! i could see no one there through my human eyes but when i looked with my vampiric eyes i gasped in horror as i saw "the old hag" trying to remove your very breath _your life force_ i would not allow you to be fed on by another ! my sweetest thing, i can assure you that never again will u wake unable to breath and struggling after a nightmare only to awaken to find yourself living the nightmare. you shall enjoy a peaceful night.    you lie down in your bed and as i gently stroke your hair and your cheek until slumber takes ! i sadly smile as i know you can not remember this aside from now you awake rested but you no not why ! the memory erased i place a single red rose bud but this time the petals starting to open as though hiding a great prize and hesitant about showing to all ! once more i look upon ur sleeping form "sleep a restful sleep my most sweetest one ! the wind blows in the open window and when it leaves it takes a thin mist which which turns to nothing upon reaching the outside and with my  sweetest of them all! i am gone..............

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