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Deities of Godville
Sensei Blood 
Hero Swift Arrow
Personality Righteous
Gender Male
Favourite Town Tradeburg
Knights who say Ni
Guild position Champion Ni-Sayer & Trainer of Miscreants

Early Life

Swift Arrow was once a simple boy, a citizen of Tradesburg, who seemed to be destined to follow in his fathers footsteps as a merchant. Yet every year he would travel with his father to Godville, to see the sights, watch a duel, and perhaps pay a visit to the Great Temple of Godzillla. And every year, as he watched the heroes traversing the city, Swift Arrow longed to have a God of his own, to go on breathtakingly perilous quests, and to build a temple of his own. 

It was on one such trip, in the lad's eighteenth year, that his life changed forever. Swift Arrow was visiting the temple when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and turning around who should he see but Sampsalot himself! "My God has heard your prayers. I am to train you in the ways of the hero."

Thus began Swift Arrow's life as a hero of Godville. After the training was completed, he was presented at the center of Godville, and was accepted under the care of Sensei Blood. 

Adventures as a Ni-Sayer

As day followed night, and night followed day, Swiftie toiled faithfully under Sensei's care. Yet even with the constant love of his lord, Swiftie began to be lonely, and turned for the company of other heroes. Sensing his distress, Sensei sent his pawn to find the mighty Zarquon and beg him to allow Swiftie's entry to the Knights who say Ni. With renewed vigor and purpose, Swiftie found the largest shrubbery in the land, and rode back as quickly as he could on his migrating coconut. Zarquon graciously accepted the wondrous gift, and applied the-herring-slap-of-entry.

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