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Swift Arrow was once a simple boy, a citizen of Tradesburg, who seemed to be destined to follow in his fathers footsteps as a merchant. Yet every year he would travel with his father to Godville, to see the sights, watch a duel, and perhaps pay a visit to the Great Temple of Godzillla. And every year, as he watched the heroes traversing the city, Swift Arrow longed to have a God of his own, to go on breathtakingly perilous quests, and to build a temple of his own. 

It was on one such trip, in the lad's eighteenth year, that his life changed forever. Swift Arrow was visiting the temple when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and turning around who should he see but Sampsalot himself! "My God has heard your prayers. I am to train you in the ways of the hero."

Thus began Swift Arrow's life as a hero of Godville. After the training was completed, he was presented at the center of Godville, and was accepted under the care of Sam Blood.