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Arachnida Anti-Bio-Tick • Arachnophobic Spider • Dyna Mite • Itsy-bitsy Spider • Nervous Tick • Praise Spider • Scarepion • Spider Pig • Tap Dancing Spider • Tripodal Spider • Websurfing Spider


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Machines: | Depresso Machine | Sock Eating Machine | Thieving Vending Machine

Robots: | Depressed Robot | Robot Chicken | Rock'em Sock'em Robot | Roger Robot | Technophobic Robot | Wererobot |


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Majora Magnum Octopus
Marina Cattlefish • Octopella • Poulpy
Domestica OctoBear
Cephalopoda Arrgh-onaut • Astronautilus • Cabbage Patch Squid • Cheese Kraken • Cracked Kraken • Dreadnautilus • Illuminautilus • Karate Squid • Octopuss in Boots • Rocktopus • Squid Pro Quo


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Marina Crabbessa • Shrimpy
Crustacea Giant Enemy Crab • Prawn of Satan • Road Krill • Rock Lobster • Sacrificial Prawn


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Majora Escargolem • Uranium Slug
Gastropoda Ballistic Slug • Metal Slug • Nine Inch Snail • Salt-Resistant Slug • Zombie Snail


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Majora Escargolem
Adamantine Golem • Beer Golem • Brick Golem • Cotton Candy Golem • Diary Page Golem • Duct Tape Golem • Jelly Golem • Lego Golem • Milestone Golem • Mud Golem • Playdough Golem • Plywood Golem • Stoned Golem • Tofu Golem • Topiary Golem


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Majora Aftermoth • Bossquito • Catastroflea
Blattodea Clockroach • Gopherwood Termite • Radioactive Cockroach
Coleoptera Bonfirefly • Lesser of Two Weevils • Resident Weevil
Diptera Bloodthirsty Mosquito • Forbidden Fruit Fly • Headless Horsefly • Incendiary Firefly • Margarine Fly • Moosequito • Murdersquito • Thunder Gnat • Time Fly • Wi-Fly
Hemiptera Big Bad Bed Bug • Sulphuric Aphid
Hymenoptera Combat Ant • Ex Uber Ant • Flugelhornet • Mobile Anthill • Pollen-Allergic Bee • Serial Killer Bee • Shoe Hornet • Spelling Bee • Tenacious Bee • Wanna Bee • Willy-the-Wasp
Lepidoptera Caterpillar of Strength • Chaos Butterfly • Copycaterpillar • Effective Butterfly • Quantum Butterfly • Socialist Butterfly • Very Hungry Caterpillar
Mantodea Atheist Mantis • Necromantis • Rigor Mantis • Spraying Mantis
Siphonaptera Educated Flea • Fleasaur


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Myriapoda Multidexterous Millipede • Balding Scentipede • One-Legged Centipede • Scentipede



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Even-toed ungulates
Majora Killdebeest • Vertigoat
Marina Bloodcurdling Whale
Domestica Battlesheep • Fail Whale
Bovoidea Archipelagoat • Apocalypse Cow • Battle Ox • Bewilderbeest • Black Sheep • Cardboard Ox • Cash Cow • Cheat Sheep • Escape Goat • Escargoat • Goat Of Arms • Heavy Machine Gnu • Holey Cow • Interloping Antelope • Interrupting Cow • Moss Cow • Narcoleptic Sheep • Quantum Sheep • Scape Goat • Sheep in Wolf's Clothes • Sheepshifter • Technicolor Dream Goat • Turngoat • Unicow • Winged Buffalo
Cervoidea Acid Reindeer • Basher the Reindeer • Blunder the Reindeer • Brewpid the Reindeer • Chocolate Moose • Deer God • Geronimoose • Gruedolf the Reindeer • Lancer the Reindeer • Moosenger of Death • Musketdeer • Nostradamoose • Rain Deer • Winking Deer
Giraffoidea Evil Giraffe
Tylopoda Alpacalypse • Menthol Camel
Suina Aporkalyptic Pig • Bandwidth Hog • Centipig • CPU Hog • Guard Hog • Insufferable Boar • ManBearPig • Moonswine • Pigasus • Piggy Banker • Roof Pig • Spider Pig
Whippomorpha Alpha Whale • Gandolphin • Hiphopopotamus • Hippo Crit • Hypnopotamus • Ne'er-do-Whale • Prince of Whales • Whale of Fortune


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Odd-toed ungulates
Domestica Alpha Centaur • Talking Donkey • Trojan Horse • Stripeless Zebra
Centaura Centaur of Attention • Centaur of Gravity • Scentaur
Perissodactyla Badonkadonkey • Dead Horse • Feral Rocking Horse • High Horse • Horse of Babylon • Photonegative Zebra • Rhinestoneceros • Sewer Horse • Stalking Horse • Ticker Tapir

Things to add to Lore page

Various GV Times adverts & snippets to be cross checked against existing articles / tavern names etc. & added to the lore page in relevant locations.

Free food with beer purchase at the Roadkill Bar and Grill

The Roadkill Bar and Grill is a franchise operation with locations (in)conveniently located on the road between towns. This allows them to service the constant traffic & provide heroes with a freshly poured, if expensive, beer on their questing. The name is to be taken literally as the roadside locations allow the chefs to observe the constant combat & run out to purchase the choicest monsters while still fresh. Patrons answering the ads in the GV Times are recommended to have a strong stomach if taking up the offer of a free meal with their beer due to this.

Exhausted from fighting? Been injured in the street? “Poisoned Alchemist” shop — medicinal salves and best-quality iodine solutions!

Cartographers Cabal

Visit any of the six Happy Harpy Accupuncture Shoppes for a jab well done!

Dungeon maps available at deep discount. Visit the Charterhouse for more information.

Does your god sound daffy when you duel? Drowning you in demands to 'Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!' like a demented duck? Consider divine intervention with a professional voice coach. Metatron : The Name You Can Trust.

Godvillewood premiere! See the new Godville blockbuster, “Pro-Life Zombie: First Blood”. Don't miss it!

Invitingly flapping wickets installed at your place of residence, quickly and expertly. Bosswell Guild of Engineers.

Beerburgh premiere! See the new Godville blockbuster, “Last Eager Beaver”. Don't miss it!

The “Three Bears Hotel” offers lodging, food and bears that will satisfy even the most sophisticated customers

12:34 Stopped to listen to a debate sponsored by the Moebius Debating Society but left quickly because everything was so one-sided.

The “At the Dragon” tavern invites you to a party featuring a delicious dinner. Please leave your armor and weapon at the entrance.

Are you afraid everyone is out to get you? You are not alone. Tune in to the Truth Hour, every Sunday on KGNF 105.5, Godville's only Text Based Talk Radio.

Has a Biological Nightmare burned down your house, taken all your money and disappeared? Oh, we understand. The Order of Bounty and Limb Hunters is at your service. Find us in Dogville, Suicide District.

Doctors Anonymous — Try our new and improved healing tonics. Guaranteed to restore your health or your next bottle is free.The editorial board of the Dessertown Times is seeking masters of the “tough tongue” skill for the job of sealing envelopes.

Lying in a ditch? Can’t make it into town? Things would be different if only you had a pair of crutches. “Three Legs LLC.”

Visit the new tavern on the road between Los Demonos and Dessertown — “Rampant Five o'clock Shadow”. Welcome!

Base Artefact Sale Prices

Godville, no auras, bold equipment:

“Eye for an eye, 250 coins for the strategy guide of life...”

11:10 Used my essence of wealth to knock out a thief. It broke, but the merchant paid me 568 coins as a reward.

11:08 Made the trader an offer he couldn't refuse and earned 1626 coins for my ear of the Exoskeletor.

11:07 Two traders were fighting over my hoof of the Cementalist, so I decided to cut it in two to stop them fighting. Neither wanted it anymore, but I found 1155 gold coins inside it.