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This pic shows Brinjal when he's alone...
This is believed to be what might have happened before Dragolord's birth.
This pic shows tattoos (and Brinjal's Coral Blue Number 32 lipstick) magically appearing on Azz's face.
Katie Scarlett on the weekly events of Make My Day Wednesday.
Ass's angry self according to his description.
Everyone knows that Epona secretly loves her sister.
This pic show a precise version of a fully-transformed Azzagedi.
Oh well.
This pic shows our favorite awesome God, Draggy.
Updated version of the previous pic.
This shows Ra-wizard Of Orz's handmade Halloween costume.
This pic shows the evil side of Brinjal making contact with Stevaloid, his hero.
Trust me, her pen really is mightier than the sword.
Finally some proper art. Oh, well.
SBFH in his aura of rage.
Never More, Brinjal and bunny.
Azz's participation in devil sumo. Apparently this pic is shown on page 3 of PlayDevils.
He's hot.
All hail SBFH, our Supreme Blue Feather Holybear-honcho!
Cauliflower, Brinjal's love interest.
A tribute for guild Infinity Waffles.
All hail sock!