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Peanut Butter Cup

Still working on my chronicles

My hero’s is done though if you wanna check that out

Builder 1st

Champion 2nd Dueler 2nd Favorite 2nd

Animalist 3rd Careerist 3rd Invincible 3rd Fiend 3rd Hunter 3rd Martyr 3rd Renegade 3rd

Wanted List

  1. Kleia
  2. Snowplug4man
  3. Walkas

News Paper

Issue # 3594 Day 3838 g.e.

• Do you think Peanut Butter Cup sent enough ideabox submissions yesterday? Neither do we.

Idea Box

Day 3839 g.e.

Someone decided to try and add me as a monster in the Godville idea box as “Peanut Butter Cop”,

  • Thanks for doing this, nice of you to put in the effort :D

Accepted Ideas

Alright, my time out’s over. Can I come back now? /Diary, While dead awaiting resurrection

Profit Prophet /Monster, was Prophet of Profit, but got changed to Profit Prophet in ER

Deities of Godville
GodPeanut Butter Cup (U • C • T) , The Peanut Butter Cup 
Hero Im Yummy
Personality Peanut Butter
Gender Chocolate

🌙Not Sorry🌙

Harvest Moon

What you see below is basically what I have as my current lore, do keep in mind that I haven’t even polished it yet.


Was created by a being now know as “H. B. Reese” in 1928 after he was fired from The Hershey Company for using too many milligrams of sugar to create more addicting chocolate bars, in hopes that his superiors would notice and give him a raise. Afterwords he swore that he would come back and take over the market. He then got to work, making all sorts of candied goods. Strawberry Jam Covered Caramel Lollipops, Taffy Filled Jaw Breakers, Bubble Gum Filled Bubble Gum! And at it was when he was messing around with some biological chocolate that he got the urge to go to the bathroom. He left in a hurry, leaving the door to his very obvious bunker wide open, allowing a small peanut butter sammich loving child to get in and mess about with this new type of chocolate. Of course, since it was a child, it would try and eat the sentient food and get consumed instead, allowing this chocolate to absorb the peanut butter from the child, and become what it consumes to potentially camouflage it self. This was the creation of the first ever Peanut Butter Cup, (Me) but since there was no way to move, Reese returned to find what had happened, he knew that this was his key to revenge and got his grandma’s niece to call one of her nephews to come and cast a dark spell on the piece of food, increasing its lifespan to never dying (due to the ability of self resurrection). Reese had then tried to recreate his creation, he tried all his formulas, adding humans as ingredients and even started from scratch at one point, but only to fail at every turn. Until he drunk a sour apple juice and begged the Peanut Butter Cup for help. And so it did. It multiplied, made one of itself right after the other, then Reese knew what he had to do. He made machines. Machines that looked like they were taking ingredients and turning them into something, but really, they were just metal chairs for the clones to consume the ingredients and create more clones for selling, making tons of profit. The creator soon discovered after accidentally eating the original Peanut Butter Cup that since the original was blessed, it could never truly die. It’s clones however, are not so lucky. They can get mouldy and rotten, crushed and smushed, but never come back. The original however, was immune to death. Whenever it happened to die, though it depended on the situation, would magically appear wherever the safe place it was last at. The downside to this though, is that this ability could only be triggered if death was a chance (Which surprisingly isn’t as high as you’d think). After the death of its creator in 1956, the company was without a leader, and guess who stepped up to take on that burden? The right hand man of Reese himself, the Peanut Butter Cup. At first people laughed, then they were outraged, demanding that this foolish piece of candy could do nothing, then they were screaming, gagging, then silent. Those who survived, nominated Peanut Butter Cup in hopes that they would be left alive, in hopes that they would see their families again. To this day, the company may say to be owned by a mortal, but deep down, in the ground you walk on, there are factories, creating clones of an immortal being beyond your comprehension, leading the company to success.


  • Any Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup factory.
  • Owns a nice resort at 52nd Milestone lake, temple’s being built there.
  • Has an eye on where he wants to build his ocean shack for the Ark.



  • Can be anywhere he wants, whenever he wants if he ever wants...
  • Is famous.
  • Is delicious.


  • If he’s taken out of his wrapper and has his chocolate melt he’s gets stuck where he was last placed.
  • Has “Multiple Personality Disorder”.
  • Is consumes by any hero(ine) when found, covered in gunk or not.

Facts (Legit)

  • Has gotten a pillowcase worth of candy, and didn’t actually go trick or treating nor did he buy any of it.
  • Is his own favourite candy.
  • Hates the colour orange.
  • Can fit 72 AA Batteries in his left butt pocket.