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very witty, nosferatu, or it would be except that you obviously didnt read the rules page.

I quote:

"Note: If a wiki moderator breaks a certain rule, it is considered an exception since it will be for special reasons."

how would i be supposed to moderate if i could not delete offensive or false stuff? also in my chronicles 'pussies' refers to pussy cats as is evident by the 'the poor kittens' so how is that pornographic? The main point though is that IT ISN'T EVEN ON THE WIKI, ITS IN MY HERO CHRONICLES! fool.

as for the hand-filled statistics, the point is not that you constantly update them, hence the 'date' parameter which you and your guild dont seem to know about. The point is that you can display your recent best statistic (eg. the day when you had the most town influence)

I realise that your still being stubborn because of that dinner for one thing, but that WAS breaking a wiki rule so i was well within rights. as a wiki moderator. please dont assume you know the wiki rules better than i, because i wrote most of them.

edit: just noticed your gratitude pantheon remark. why should i be able to approve ANY ideas, are you insane? as for the map, it will work it just takes a long time to load. --Spode 09:29, 25 April 2011 (UTC)