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Deities of Godville
Hero Hipst
Personality Territorial
Gender Male
Motto Merry Easter!
Favourite Town Lostway
LSF team

Despite his name, Normius is the major god of domestic wolves, also known as dogs, born somewhat 2 miles above a leading pet store in Dogville. With the godly powers of his, he didn't need to learn much. Besides... Titans (I don't know...) know what those human minded gods knew. Because of this, Normius is considered to have the IQ of a hero. He was perfectly trained and the mortals loved him. And the other dogs. And the cats. Which didn't love him for long. Anyway, here's the list of activities Normius enjoys.

  • Chasing any kind of rodents.
  • Chasing furry monsters.
  • Chasing little kids who thought he was going to hurt them. Very popular.
  • Chasing heroes all the way to Roflopolis and back, often helping them on their quests.
  • Using his hero as a chew toy, which often costs 25 Godpower and some shame on him in his champions diary.