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Champion of the God: Niknetniko
Personality: righteous
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Motto: CEO of Almiro Corp!
Guild: DemiGods
Guild Rank: regent
Pet Type: Solar Bear
Pet Name: Oy
Pet Level: Levelless

The God

Under construction

The Hero

Niknetniko is a demigod, so he thinks of himself as slightly better than the rest.


The hero Niknetniko has same name as his God. Nobody knows why this is. Some say it is because the God had a *less creative* moment when choosing the name of his hero. This might be or not be true.


Niknetniko is a proud member of the DemiGods guild! He has been in various guilds before this one. But now he as finally found peace in this guild, so he is not planning on leaving anytime soon.