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Naun Hooded.jpg
"If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself back up and try a different approach dummy!"
God Info
God Naun
Born August 1981
Birth Place Eastside of the solar system
Religion True Random
Motto The æther provides
Level Infinite, last I checked
Gender Male
Chronicles Link Naun
Signature Tablet Signature.gif
Completion May 12, 2016
Pantheon Rank 17,049
Build Time ?? days
Completion November 14th, 2017
Build Time ?? days
Name Emerald Sky
Rank Prophet
Join Date I've got to do the math...

Favorite, Honored (Check up on your hero for 300 days)

Animalist 1st(Level a pet to level 30) Builder, 1st rank (Build a temple) Shipwright, 1st rank (Build an ark)

Fiend, 2nd rank (Punish the hero 1000 times) Hunter, 2nd rank (Kill 50 boss-monsters) Martyr, 2nd rank (Die 50 times) Saint, 2nd rank (Encourage the hero 1,000 times)

Careerist, 3rd rank (Reach Cardinal rank in 1 guild) Moneybag, 3rd rank (Save x million gold coins) Raider, 3rd rank (Loot 5 treasures from dungeons)

God Background

Naun, as he is known, acquired his name when the other gods were also naming themselves. He thought: '“To create something unique and fresh. Odd but not like the other odd names that came before. How about something that mocks itself? Yes! That'll do just fine!” N.A.U.N. or Not Another Unusual Name. He is a God of the random, Keeper of Wikis, and Creator of Andara.

Hero Background

Sir Vente (born August 30, 2011 / Day 478 g.e.) is the champion of the God Naun and a member of the Emerald Sky guild. He hails from the World of Andara, that of which exists on another plane.

Closing statement: This is a closing statement, yes.

Note: Copied base formatting from BlueStapler’s profile.