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NIX THE ALIEN is the god and kind master of a hero, named Nathan The 3rd. 

NIX THE ALIEN was a traveler from another world, weary of the war between light and shadow. He decided that he would leave his life all behind, and start again. He traveled far, far away, through a portal and through time, through the ocean, through the fire and blood, and through the drunken-sea-monkey-lands, until he found Godville. He was an alien to Godville, to this land. He decided to call upon a humble villager, and gave this humble villager a quest... a quest to slay evil, and fight for Godville!

Nathan the 3rd is this hero.

NIX THE ALIEN has taught his hero the ways of light, and the ways of shadow. He taught him how to use a sword, and taught him the ways of human nature.